About Me

I’m not going to bore you with a long, drawn out palaver about my childhood and how I got here.  In a nutshell, I’m just a Polish kid from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I’ve been in the entertainment industry since the late seventies.  Over one hundred professional theatre productions turned me towards film and TV.  I was lucky enough to have success in that arena, traveling all over the globe, from Vancouver to Cape Town.  I even had a shot at my own sitcom.   I used to only do voice work to fill in the cracks, but when I landed a fifteen year gig as one of the Windex Crows, I decided to make it a full time thing.  And, truthfully, as I’ve gotten older, I’m more of a homebody.  The hassle of traveling to do filmed entertainment leaves me cold.  This gig has given me a life I never dreamed of.  I’m never out of work.  Most of my clients come back, again and again.  I live in a state of gratitude…Every.  Single.  Day.   Truthfully, I am, and always will be, just a blue collar guy in a creative business.   I live on a fifteen acre farm in rural North Carolina, where my wife, Gail, and I care for forgotten and rescued animals.  LOTS of animals.  Over 70, as of this writing.  Seven dogs, two horses, four goats and sixty or so cats.   And this Voice Over thing I do allows me to take care of them.  So, when you hire me, you’re really feeding a goat or a stray kitten or an abandoned dog.  And who can’t get behind that?

Turn Ons:  Happy clients.  Soft socks.   A high quality nose hair trimmer.

Turn Offs:  Unhappy clients.  RomCom’s.   People who don’t flush

Favorite Actors:   James Cagney     Robert Downey, Jr.   George “The Animal” Steele

Favorite Actresses:   Sigourney Weaver   Ellen Barkin   Lassie

Favorite Places:   My office.   My chair.  My bed.

Things that make me laugh:  Impractical Jokers    Benny Hill    Videos of stupid people getting hurt

Things that make me cry:  Abandoned pets    Traffic    My waistline

Hobbies:  I collect monster figures.  Mostly Universal Classic Monsters, especially “Creature From The Black Lagoon”.  And “Godzilla”.  I’m a huge Kaiju nerd.  Lots of “Three Stooges” stuff, too.