Good Lord, look at this big, dumb animal!  It’s like Kenny Rogers and Orson Welles had a baby.  Is it any wonder I do my best work when you can’t see me!  For over thirty years, I’ve been working as a professional voice actor.  Now that I’m doing it full time, I’m finally getting my own website.  Better late, than never.  So much has been lost to time, but what you hear right here is a pretty fair representation of what I do.  My goal is to serve the client.  And because of that dedication a little over 90% of my clientele are repeat customers.  I’m very proud of that.  So, go on, now.  Have a look around.  If you have any questions, you know where to find me.  It’s a pleasure to have you here.  Just don’t touch anything.
  • Robin Konieczny
    Jeff Pillars is one of the most talented voice talents I know. I'm tempted to cast him in everything I write because I know he will always bring something wonderful to the script. If there were an Oscar for voice talent, I'd nominate him. He is talented, versatile, direct-able. He can give you a read that's hilarious one minute and one that's somber and sensitive the next. Do not hesitate to cast Jeff Pillars for your next project...just leave some time in his schedule for me. I have some spots coming up....
    Robin Konieczny
    President/CCO Clear Blue
  • Bryan Peel
    I have worked with Jeff Pillars several times and have been very happy with the results. Jeff is very professional, well organized, and has always delivered within our tight timelines.  I’d highly recommend Jeff Pillars.
    Bryan Peel
    President, Keyframe Communications
  • Penny Rahe
    Jeff Pillars is someone I call again and again as voice talent.  Just listen to his demo and you'll hear his talent and versatility.  Jeff goes over and above, working until he nails the exact voice that you're looking for.  I've worked with him for over 15 years, and know him to be a man of integrity and heart.  On top of all of that, he's very funny so your sessions will be very entertaining!
    Penny Rahe
    VP / Director of Broadcast Production Bohan Advertising, Nashville TN
  • John Causby
    Don't play it safe. Cast Jeff. You will get more than is in the script. I told a client "Jeff is the difference between John Cusak and Alec Baldwin."  In my 20 years working with him, he's never failed to deliver.  Ever. He's very intuitive, can take any direction and does the best Gregory Peck I've ever heard.
    John Causby
    CEO and Senior Producer, Groundcrew Studios
  • Bill Replogle
    Jeff is so talented and easy to work with, I have to constantly overcome the urge to use him for every one of our clients.
    Bill Replogle
    Chief Creative Officer Buffalo Agency
  • Laura George
    Very talented, very professional and very easy to work with.  I'm always confident Jeff will deliver exactly what we're looking for and more.
    Laura George
    Senior Producer, Boone/Oakley
  • David Medlock
    Jeff Pillars is the best in the business.  He is an extremely versatile actor who can make the most out of any script you put in front of him.  I have used Jeff for four years for Diamonds Direct and other retailers.  His spots always break through the clutter and get noticed.  Jeff is a total professional who puts his heart into the work every time.
    David Medlock
    President of Impact Marketing
  • Hal Dantzler
    Jeff was able to deliver a period character with a vocal performance that was subtle, restrained and most importantly, believable.
    Hal Dantzler
    Director of Broadcast TM Advertising Dallas
  • Tony Sharpe
    I’ve worked with Jeff Pillars since the earliest days of my advertising career. When I needed the right voice talent to break through, entertain, get the laugh and get the job done right, he was and has always been my go-to-guy. Actually when I created the birds characters for the long-running Windex campaign for SC Johnson, I wrote the main character with his voice in mind. He’s the only person we cast for that role. Since then we’ve done literally hundreds of projects together. You won’t find a better voice talent or harder working actor anywhere. You won’t find a better, more genuine person with that much talent either.
    Tony Sharpe
    Creative Director/Writer