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Jeff Pillars - resume

Height: 6’
Weight: 320 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Artists Resource Agency
Rusty Wiggs, Agent
174 Hunters Glen Road
Summerfield, NC 27358

“The Darkest Evil” - Olaus Wormius - Leigh Scott, Dir.
“The Death Brand” - Lou the Bartender (Supporting) - Duane Whitaker, Dir.
“Cold Storage” - Sheriff Bullock (Lead) - Tony Elwood, Dir.
“Pirates of the Plains” - DeGroot (Lead) - John Cherry, Dir.
“New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy: For Love or Mummy” - Biker Bob (Co-Star & Writer) - John Cherry, Dir.
“Ernest Rides Again” - Joe (Lead) - John Cherry, Dir.
“Ernest in the Army” - General Lincoln (Lead & Writer) - John Cherry, Dir.
“BandWagon” - Trumholdt (Lead) - John Schultz, Dir.
“Radioland Murders” - Nerdy Stagehand (Supporting) - Mel Smith, Dir.
“This World, Then The Fireworks” - Harper (Supporting) - Mike Obolowitz, Dir.
“Blood Moon” - Justice (Supporting) - Tony Ng, Dir.
“Super Mario Brothers” - Wart (Supporting) - Rocky Morton, Dir.
“Critical Condition” - Hoyle (Supporting) - Michael Apted, Dir.
“Road Kill, USA” - Harvey (Lead) - Tony Elwood, Dir.

“The Stepford Husbands” - Gordon (Lead) - Fred Walton, Dir.
“Almost Perfect Bank Robbery” - Ed Siler (Lead) - David Burton Morris, Dir.
“Dawson’s Creek” - Mr. Madduck (Guest) - David Semel, Dir.
“Night of the Hunter” - Ray the Mechanic - David Greene, Dir.
“Matlock: The Fortune” - Nick Dempsey (Guest) - Leo Penn, Dir.
“Matlock: The Verdict” - Rusty (Guest) - Leo Penn, Dir.
“Bandit’s Silver Angel” - Deputy Ed Pitts (Lead) - Hal Needham, Dir.
“Splat Attack” (Pilot) - General Barroque (Co-Host) - Dan Butler, Dir.
“Degree in Deception” - Marlucci (Supporting) - Chuck Bowman, Dir.
“In A Child’s Name” - Officer Martin (Supporting) - Tom McLaughlin, Dir.
“Deadly Pursuits” - Delacroix - Felix Alcala, Dir.
“Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” - Robert (Supporting) - Carl Schultz, Dir.
“Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” - Martin (Supporting) - Syd Macartney, Dir.

Voice of “O’Dell Thickuns” in the bizarre, life-sized puppet series currently seen on the website; Voice of “Wormie” in “Hermie the Common Caterpillar”; in 7th year as voice of Windex Crow in popular SCJohnson Commercial series; thousands of TV and Radio voice-overs. (see voice section of web site)

Cast member of nationally syndicated Premiere Radio show, “The John Boy & Billy Show” serving 110 markets and 28 states. Responsible for writing daily bits and creating ongoing characters and segments. Wrote and did most of the voice work for the 2005 Christmas Album and fastest selling JB&B album “Potted Meat”. Characters and bits rank among most popular in shows 25 year history. No, really!

Decent singer (baritone/tenor); work well with critters and kids; good sense of humor; and moves well for a “big guy”.


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