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The Big Show
My real job.  My second family. A bunch of idiots.

Active Entertainment
My buddy, Ken Badish.  Met him while he was producing some “Ernest” movies in South Africa.  The hardest working man in show business.

TNA Wrestling
They made me believe in wrestling again.  Hands down the best wrestling company going.  I’m proud to call Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett my friends.

Rusty Wiggs
If you’re an actor serious about good, decent representation, this is the place.  Rusty Wiggs has been putting up with me for years.

Synthetic Fur
If I ever completely retire from acting, I’d still work for Tony Elwood and Paul Barrett.  They deserve, and will find, a bigger audience.

Daniel Roebuck
Met Danny on “Matlock” and became fast friends.  Danny loves monsters and so do I.  He has an incredible collection.

Duane Whitaker
An amazing actor and one incredibly funny guy.  His website speaks for itself.

Dee Wallace
Dee is hands down one of the sweetest, most genuine persons I’ve ever met. And who can forget her in that Cat Suit in “ET”.  Meeeeooow.

I LOVE RIPLEY’S!!!  If you’re ever in a city with one of their many attractions, take the family.  You won’t regret it.  And you’ll be hooked for life.

The home of the funniest character actor I’ve ever met.  Gaillard Sartain.

Red State Update
Jackie and Dunlap (Travis and Jonathan) are stone cold hilarious.  Watch these guys.  And make sure you’re wearing absorbent pants when you do.

The Animal Rescue
Animals are an important part of my life.  Go to this site and find the Click to Give button.  It doesn’t cost you a thing and when you click that button you help feed neglected dogs and cats.  It’s nothing but your time.  Thanks for helping.

Products For Good
It speaks for itself.

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